Home Food Garden

The Micro-Agriculture Food Security (Home Food Garden) Project 


People living below the poverty line in Northern and Eastern provinces have minimal options to sustain their lives and livelihoods during emergency events such as the current COVID-19 global pandemic. Those most vulnerable include daily wage earners, households headed by women and families that have a person with a disability.

The threat of COVID – 19 continues to remain, and return to normalcy is uncertain. This new normal continue to be felt in various forms, including economy, rehabilitation, and infrastructure, forcing government and non-governmental organizations to create resilient communities through self-sustainability.

Who is implementing the project?

As a long term sustainable initiative, the North and East Economic Development (NEED) Centre (http://www.needcentre.org/ ) has identified Micro-Agriculture Project as one of four strategic actions. This initiative will help the communities at risk become resilient and sustainable by 2040.

The Micro-Agriculture Project (home food gardening) will promote an affordable and sustainable food security approach by encouraging families to cultivate vegetables, fruits, pulses, and yams within their living premises.

Phase one of this project is being implemented in 700 households from 7 villages across the Northern and Eastern Provinces. (Jaffna District -2, Killinochchi District – 2 and Batticaloa District – 3). Recipients identified for this project are either families resettling post-war or most vulnerable economically and greatly benefit from this initiative.

The Canadian Tamil Congress has taken on the responsibility to raise the necessary funds for Phase two, extending this home food gardening initiative to another 10 villages in the Northern & Eastern provinces for Sri Lanka to benefit another 1000 families.

How can you help?

A donation of 15 dollars (CDN) will allow NEED Centre to supply various seeds, seedlings, supplies, and consultation by an expert and ongoing monitoring for a successful production.

Families, friends or businesses may choose to sponsor a village and have this worthy and sustainable initiative implemented at $1500. Donors will be acknowledged through a banner at the kick-off ceremony in the town and all social media and marketing materials.

To end with a quote, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”