Tamil Canadian Walk 2017

The 9th Annual Tamil Canadian Walk being at Thomson Memorial Park was held to raise funds to help the resettlement efforts and build sustainable economic opportunities in the village of Thennamaravadi located in the northern tip of the Eastern Province in the Trincomalee District.

TCW17-5038 TCW17-5032 TCW17-5026 TCW17-5021 TCW17-5007 TCW17-4997 TCW17-4974 TCW17-4971 TCW17-4963 TCW17-4962 TCW17-4960 TCW17-4954 TCW17-4949 TCW17-4948 TCW17-4943 TCW17-4931 TCW17-4927 TCW17-4922 TCW17-4919 TCW17-4917 TCW17-4916 TCW17-4915 TCW17-5490 TCW17-5479 TCW17-5467