Thennamarawady Farm Project



Thennamarawady Farm Project – 2nd Phase Development


Thennamarawady is situated at the north end of Trincomalee District in Sri Lanka. This village’s residents were displaced in 1984 due to war and have slowly begun to resettle since 2017. Due to neglect over 30 years, homes and properties have been destroyed, leaving returning families to fend for themselves. With limited services, infrastructure and lack of economic potential, resettlement continues to be a challenge for families.

Who is implementing this project?

What has been done so far?

To increase the economic potential and create employment opportunities for those who are returning to the village, the NEED Centre, in partnership with the local village association, is currently establishing a farm that includes vegetation and livestock. Once launched fully, the farm will be an autonomous economic initiative for the village. With support from Canadian Tamil Congress, funds were raised in 2017 to support this farm’s establishment. Since then, 20-acre land has been obtained and cleared for the project. Construction has been completed, including fencing, goat shed and a multipurpose office.

What is next?

The farm is now ready for operations.
NEED Centre is seeking donations to kick off the first phase of operations, including 60 goats, funds to hire employees for the first 1 year and to construct an  and wells to support this integrated farm.

How can you help?

Your support with operationalizing this farm would result in an incredible morale boost for the villagers, eventually expanding and becoming a self-sufficient operation, fueling economic prosperity.

You may donate an amount of your choice or adopt a goat at the cost of $250.

Cost for the 60 goats = $15,000 ($250 a goat x 60)

Other costs, including farm staff salaries and construction of Agro well = $15,000

Total Cost and Goal for this Thennamarawady 2nd phase development: $30,000